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Here’s Why Blueface & Chrisean Rock’s Relationship Has Left the Online World Concerned


| LAST UPDATE 10/26/2022

By Elizabeth Russo

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have taken us behind closed doors several times - from arrests to physical altercations, facial tattoos, and plenty of drama. But there's more to their complicated relationship. Here's a look back…

Where It All Began

Rapper Blueface and his on-and-off-again girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, have been in the headlines for ages thanks to their confusing relationship. So we're taking a look back at where it all started…

Chrisean Rock Blueface RelationshipChrisean Rock Blueface Relationship
Johnny Nunez/WireImage via Getty Images

The couple has been in the media for years over the never-ending drama they seem to attract. According to many, their relationship is even often referred to as a "situationship." Although the two seem to be together as of now, with their record, things can change overnight - so let's dive right in.


However, before Blueface's dating life was the center of all headlines, he was already making waves in the music scene. The 25-year-old Los Angeles native got his start in the biz back in 2018 when he first made it big for his unusual rapping style.

Chrisean Rock Blueface InstagramChrisean Rock Blueface Instagram
 PG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images

In October 2018, after dropping the music video for his song Respect My Cryppin to Worldstar Hip Hop, Johnathan Jamall Porter, or Blueface, became a viral meme due to his offbeat style of rapping. Respect My Cryppin was the second single from his debut mixtape. And from then on, his career began to explode.

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Chrisean Rock

Which brings us to Chrisean Rock. Back in 2020, the world was first introduced to the aspiring artist when she debuted as a contestant on Blueface's reality show, Blue Girl's Club. The controversial series brought a group of women into the rapper's home and filmed their every move for a month.

Chrisean Rock Blueface DramaChrisean Rock Blueface Drama
Prince Williams via Getty Images

The show highlighted constant drama, partying, fights, and more among the ladies living in his crib. Blueface would then drop the videos on OnlyFans, leaving audiences wanting more. From her fame on Blue Girl's Club, Rock eventually became an Instagram star and recently appeared on South Central Baddies. 

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Becoming His Prodigy

With the success of the rather questionable show, Chrisean became an instant fan favorite. Fans were attracted to her bold behavior and, as we saw later on, her persistent attitude. However, viewers weren't the only ones who fell in love with Rock. And as it turned out, she impressed Blueface himself…

Chrisean Rock Blueface TimelineChrisean Rock Blueface Timeline
 Prince Williams/Wireimage via Getty Images

Blueface quickly took attention to Rock and decided to sign the up-and-coming artist to his record label, "Blueface LLC." Rock became the label's first female artist, and the promising young entertainer was ready to make it big under Blueface and his manager, Wack 100.

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All Blinged Out

After being the first woman signed to his record label, Blueface LLC, Rock dropped the music video to her first single, Lonely, featuring Blueface himself. And the video skyrocketed in views upon its release. So, as a welcome to the label present, the rapper gifted Rock a blinged-out diamond pendant.

Chrisean Rock Blueface ChainChrisean Rock Blueface Chain
Instagram via @krisjewelers

Blueface's jeweler Kris Tha Jeweler designed the one-of-a-kind piece gifted to Rock. The carefully designed $19,000 gem was created with Benjamin Franklin's face on both sides out of 10k yellow and white gold, with blue and white diamonds, totaling 52 grams of gold and 11.10-carat diamonds.

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Bound for Life, Literally

A few months after Chrisean joined Blueface LLC, and was gifted the $19,000 pendant, Rock gained a whole lot of attention. But this time not because of her music or for her time on reality TV. Instead, the up-and-coming musician was gaining attention for tattooing Blueface's name, Jonathan Porter, on her face.

Chrisean Rock Blueface SeriesChrisean Rock Blueface Series
Youtube via SAY CHEESE!

The former Blue Girl's Club star decided to get his name tattooed on the side of her face, despite his disapproval of the ink. In a clip starring the two lovebirds, Blueface asks Rock, "Why'd you get that? Who told you to do that?" to which she responds," "Me, myself, and "I." As it turns out, this would be the first of many arguments…

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Heading Home

Around the same time that Rock decided to get the face tatt, there was a whole lot of buzz surrounding the Thotiana rapper. In April 2021, Blueface's questionably intimate relationships with other women were caught on camera for the world to see. And people had questions, lots of 'em.

blueface trap house instagramblueface trap house instagram
Instagram via @bluefasebabyy

So what was this video? The viral clip showed numerous women laying in bunkbeds around the rapper's house, as Blueface was overheard asking these ladies if they were "ready to get your [their] tattoo today," and if not, then it was time for them to "go home." What was really going on behind closed doors?

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Women Speak Out

With all the buzz from these videos, Blueface began to receive some major backlash for his actions, and people were completely confused by what was going on. Luckily for him, some of the women in his circle began to speak out on his behalf and set the story straight.

Chrisean Rock Blueface DatingChrisean Rock Blueface Dating
 JOCE/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images

One of the women from the clips defended the rapper, saying, "y'all wanna tarnish his name and tryna bring him down for what? Y'all should've been tuned in." @everybodyhatesstar revealed he "paid for all 14 girls' flights. He got our hair done, nails, and toes done twice... did more than get tattoos and slept on bunk beds."

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Losing the Record Label

Fast forward a few months, and it was reported that Rock was dropped from Blueface's label. Why? For allegedly fighting with the rapper and his manager, Wack 100 - to the point that officers were called. Rock was living in his house at this point, and responders had to come to remove her from the property.

Chrisean Blueface Record LabelChrisean Blueface Record Label
Johnny Nunez/WireImage via Getty Images

In a video capturing the argument on tape, Wack 100 tells Rock she has no right to be in the house anymore now that she doesn't work for Blueface, which came as a complete surprise to her! "You don't work for s**t. He dropped you a week ago! Two weeks ago! He dropped you!" Wack 100 shouted at her.

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Legal Battles Ensue

Just a few months after Chrisean was kicked out of Blueface's house and from his label, the young rapper got into a whole lot of trouble. Apparently, she had broken into his home and stolen his G-Wagon. Upon her arrest, Blueface admitted he "tried to help her before she got caught." But she was ultimately arrested in Oklahoma.

Chrisean Blueface Fight InstagramChrisean Blueface Fight Instagram
Prince Williams via Getty Images

In the end, Chrisean was charged with "receiving, possessing or concealing a stolen vehicle, and distribution of a controlled substance and possession with intent." The former Blue Girl's Club star even signed her name in blood, writing "I heart Blue" while stealing his car, which was compared to "some fatal attraction type" vibe.

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Pointing the Finger

Once it was confirmed Rock was the culprit at hand, Blueface went off on Instagram, calling out Chrisean for her actions. "A thief is the worst thing you can be as a female," he shaded. The rapper explained she wanted to drive 25 hours to Baltimore but was caught and arrested in Oklahoma.

chrisean blue girls clubchrisean blue girls club
Youtube via The Zeus Network

Blue's manager also hopped onto Instagram and laid into Rock, claiming she stole thousands and that she "deserves all that she had coming to her." Wack 100 uploaded her mugshot and a list of all her charges, writing, "I have no remorse for this BOZO."

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The Instagram Tell-All

The drama didn't stop there. Blueface further aired their dirty laundry of the 'gram for the world to see - and it just wasn't pretty. The two started seeing each other before the incident went down, and something must have ticked Rock off that led her to get arrested over this man.

Chrisean Blueface Instagram FightChrisean Blueface Instagram Fight
Johnny Nunez/WireImage via Getty Images

Blue later shared a clip to Instagram explaining the situation, sharing screenshots of text conversations between the two before he realized who had broken into his house. "All you people saying, 'You told her you loved her.' Does that ever make it okay to steal somebody's car?" he asked. Love makes people do crazy things…

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Behind Bars

Following her arrest, Chrisean briefly went to jail on account of breaking into Blueface's home and stealing his vehicle. Blueface told his followers she drove his car outside of California, wrote on his wall with blood, and eventually got arrested with possession of a controlled substance - all adding up to her time behind bars.

Chrisean Blueface Twitter FeudsChrisean Blueface Twitter Feuds
Prince Williams/Wireimage via Getty Images

In a video he posted to social media, he said, "We're adults. We're not kids… Y'all giving kid reactions. She's 21 years old, almost 22." Blueface went on to tell his followers what went down, but in the end, Chrisean Rock didn't spend so much time in jail, as she appeared on a talk show just a few weeks after the arrest.

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Coming Clean

At the end of the day, Rock was apparently doing this all out of love (right?). So when she was done doing time, the former reality star confessed to all her actions during an interview on the Talking Ish With Bone Show. Rock came clean about breaking into his home, writing on the wall, and taking his car.

chrisean rock interview bluefacechrisean rock interview blueface
Youtube via Talking Ish With Bone Show

"Yo he's just a real. Like he didn't expect s**t out of me. He was just like, 'Oh, I see you,' type s**t," she said when explaining her "situationship" with Blueface. Chrisean also confessed to all the charges... and much to viewers' surprise, Blueface forgave her.

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Spotted Out Together

Despite the breaking and entering, the attempted theft, getting caught with controlled substances, and whatever else might have gone down, it was all water under the bridge for Blue and Rock once she was released from jail. But don't take our word for it...

Chrisean Blueface Split ReunionChrisean Blueface Split Reunion
Arnold Turner via Getty Images for The ZEUS Network

Shortly after Chrisean Rock was released, the two were spotted getting really cozy with each other outside of a TAO restaurant in Los Angeles. The two were spotted by the paparazzi as Rock was standing behind her man, holding red roses and hugging him, so they must have worked it out! Right?

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More Love, More Tattoos

Despite all the drama, it seemed the two were crazy for each other. Crazy in love enough that Rock decided to grow her tattoo collection dedicated to the rapper, which she further explained during her interview on the Talking Ish With Bone Show following her release from jail.

Chrisean Blueface Face TattoosChrisean Blueface Face Tattoos
Robin L Marshall via Getty Images

In addition to her face tattoo, Rock added a neck tattoo of Blue's face, "so when they see me, they see you," she explained. The young rapper noted in her interview she has his name tattooed multiple times on her body, explaining that each time she gets his name tatted, she realizes she loves him even more than before.

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Family Feuds

While fans were still trying to make sense of everything going down, things took a wild turn to a place no one could have predicted. Just a few months following her release from jail, an altercation took place in front of Blue's home involving his family and Rock, which ended with his sister's husband leaving her.

Chrisean Blueface Family FeudChrisean Blueface Family Feud
Instagram via @kaliwae__

The rapper's sister, Kali Miller, tweeted, "My husband left me," after she was involved in an altercation with Rock and other family members, including the rapper's mother, Karlissa Saffold. Saffold reported injuries from the incident, claiming her son will "never bring that person around my [her] family again."

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Calling It Quits

So with all that drama added to the mix, let's return back to the couple at hand. Well, the unofficial couple. Since the two started "dating," they never were officially a couple, which definitely confused things. However, it seemed things were going well until one day, Blueface announced they were done.

Chrisean Blueface Family FightChrisean Blueface Family Fight
Prince Williams/Wireimage via Getty Images

At the beginning of July, Blue took to social media to announce he's taken a step back from Chrisean because she didn't "hold up her end of the agreement" and that "she's not reliable enough." However, he admitted they "vibe," but it was still time to call it quits.

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His Side of Things

In a video on Instagram, Blueface further explained what was going on between him and Rock and why he decided to end things. The rapper explained, "she's not reliable enough" and that they "had an agreement, and she didn't hold up her end of the agreement." As he put it, it was as "simple as that."

Chrisean Rock Blueface TattoosChrisean Rock Blueface Tattoos
Johnny Nunez/WireImage via Getty Images

Blue told everyone, "It's not a breakup," and that they're still "vibing" and "connecting." However, "She's just not reliable enough for me. That's it. That's all it is. It's important to have a person that you can depend on." So in the end, she just wasn't the person for him. Or so we thought…

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Rock Speaks Up

Of course, it didn't take long for Chrisean to react to Blue's Instagram shade, claiming he "can't deal" with her being "attractive." The musician hit back, "I really don't know what's the point to act like u don't really love me. Whatever it is u doing, it won't last long."

Chrisean Blueface Breakup TwitterChrisean Blueface Breakup Twitter
Twitter via @ChriseanMalone

"The fact u saying all dat stuff to look a certain way just shows ppl what an immature guy you are. You acting like u not scared to lose me is funny to me," she added. Rock claimed Blue was just "putting on a front to hurt me [her] more" and that he's "lying to the world for nothing if we [they] belong together.

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New Tooth?

Nonetheless, days after the two broke up (again), Rock made it clear she still had love for her ex. As she revealed on the 'gram, she got a tooth with Blue's face on it. That's right - a Blueface-inspired tooth. "I did it for you Daddy blueee," Rock captioned an Instagram clip showing the public her new smile.

Chrisean Blueface Tooth InstagramChrisean Blueface Tooth Instagram
Instagram via @chriseanrockbabyy

But users were less than impressed with Rock's latest move, creating a pretty heated comments section on her post. One Instagram user wrote, "That is so LAME," while a few chimed in, also commenting, "lame." One even took the words straight out of Wack 100's mouth, writing, "u a bozo." Owch!

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Getting Physical

Just a few weeks after Rock's questionable gesture, the couple was spotted in a physical altercation on the streets of Hollywood one early morning... and it was all caught on cam. The viral clip showed Chrisean following the rapper as he walked down the street, grabbing his shirt and pulling him back.

Chrisean Blueface Domestic AssaultChrisean Blueface Domestic Assault
Prince Williams/Wireimage via Getty Images

Unfortunately, it didn't end there. The video showed Chrisean pushing Blueface and smacking him across the face, following the rapper knocking her straight to the ground, and pulling the chain around her neck. The violence only continued. But by the time the police showed up, they were nowhere to be found.

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The Aftermath

That night following the fight, Blueface posted a story of the two of them together in a bedroom, giving us insight into what might have caused the fight in the first place. According to Blue, he looked through Chrisean's phone and did not like what he saw...

Chrisean Blueface Police VideoChrisean Blueface Police Video
 Arnold Turner via Getty Images for The ZEUS Network

The rapper claimed Chrisean was hitting up several other men, accusing her of some pretty nasty things. But she was denying it all. The video also showed off his black eye, all pointing back toward the fight in Hollywood. But none of it seemed to matter after Rock shared some major news a few days later.

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Becoming Official

Finally, after all the drama and altercations, the controversial pair left users surprised after dropping yet another bombshell: "He officially asked me to be his girlfriend today. save the date august 10th, 2022," Chrisean wrote, along with a whole bunch of smiley faces.

Chrisean Blueface Breakup TwitterChrisean Blueface Breakup Twitter
Prince Williams via Getty Images

Fans were less than impressed with the news, questioning Rock's decisions over the situation. One Twitter user wrote, "Wait, you weren't officially his girlfriend, but you got 5 tats, lost a tooth fighting over him & turned into an alcoholic already? I'm worried for you mama." But the confusion was far from over.

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Broken Up, Again

However, the couple didn't remain exclusive for very long. Shortly after announcing they were official, Rock announced on Twitter that she was single (again). "Y'all can have him. ChriseanRock is single. Chrisean you are enough," she tweeted. So what happened this time?

Chrisean Blueface Cheating TwitterChrisean Blueface Cheating Twitter
Instagram via @chriseanrockbabyy

Following her tweet, people applauded her for finally letting go of their seemingly toxic relationship but were curious to know what happened this time. As it turned out, Rock ended things with the rapper after videos on social media showed Blueface with a mystery woman.

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Bedroom Diaries

Rock declared herself as officially single on social media after videos circulated the web of her ex kissing a mystery woman - amongst a few more actions that ultimately led to her decision. The videos showed Blueface in bed with another woman after he shared a video of himself shirtless.

Chrisean Blueface Bed DramaChrisean Blueface Bed Drama
Twitter via @jaidynalexxis

Just around the same time as these videos were released, the mother of his kids, Jaiyden Alexis, shared a clip of her ex asleep in her bed, which of course, stirred up some more drama. Chrisean then took to Instagram, where she admitted she broke everything in her hotel during a fight with Blue over his cheating with other women.

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Another Tattoo

Despite all the arguing, the break-ups, the arrests, the cheating, and everything else in between, these actions didn't stop Chrisean Rock from getting yet another tattoo dedicated to her ex-lover. Following the cheating scandal, Rock got her seventh tattoo in honor of Blue.

Chrisean Rock Blueface TattoosChrisean Rock Blueface Tattoos
TikTok via @chriseanrockbaby

The 22-year-old shared her latest body art on Instagram, revealing, "I got all 7now," after showing off his inked face on her neck (again). In an older interview, Rock told The Shade Room she had five tattoos dedicated to Blueface, but her goal was to have seven in total... and voila.

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Other Women

Despite Rock's clear devotion to Blue, she actually isn't the only girl he's been linked to over the years. The rapper was caught red-handed cheating on the 22-year-old multiple times, which resulted in their most recent breakup, but he's publically dated two other women besides Rock.

coi leray blueface datingcoi leray blueface dating
Instagram via @coileray

Although Blue began dating Rock on and off again in 2019, the Thotiana rapper also dated Coi Leray in 2021. As he put it, she wasn't about his wild lifestyle, leading things to fizzle out. And before Rock, he also dated his baby mamma, Jaidyn Alexis, who posted the clip of Blue in her bed that broke up Rock and him.

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Baby Daddy

Throughout his previous flings, he also went on to father two kids with ex-girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis. Despite the cheating scandals and reality show that placed multiple women in his house every month, Blueface is a father to two children, one boy, and one girl.

Chrisean Blueface Children InstagramChrisean Blueface Children Instagram
Instagram via @bluefasebabyy

In 2017, Jaidyn Alexis and Blueface welcomed their first child together, Javaughn J Porter. And earlier this year, Jaidyn gave birth to their second child, Journey Alexis Porter. However, Blue and Alexis ended things in 2020 after she learned he was cheating on her and destroyed his car.

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Crazy in Love

But despite all the highs and lows, their story is just getting started. On October 9, the Zeus network dropped a trailer for the upcoming reality show Crazy in Love, starring Rock and Blueface. "It's a love only they can explain," they teased. "Get ready @chriseanrockbabyy and @bluefasebabyy are taking us on their crazy journey."

chrisean blueface fight instagramchrisean blueface fight instagram
Instagram via @thezeusnetwork

Rock shared the trailer, captioning the post, "It's US against the World!!" while Blue also re-posted the trailer, writing, "'Til death do us part.' It's me and you @chriseanrockbabyy #CrazyInLove and coming to your TV screens!!" Although there is no official release date, the show is slated to drop soon. Stay tuned...

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