Lil Baby's 4PF Crew Allegedly Jumps Scam Rapper Teejayx6 in Atlanta After Hack Threat

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Remember kids: Scamming has its side effects. 😅

In a brief clip that surfaced earlier this week, members of Lil Baby's 4PF (4 Pockets Full) crew allegedly ran up on notorious scam rapper Teejayx6 at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta.

While there's not much context to work with, a man resembling Teejay can be seen running away from a group of men, blowing through one last swing before the video cuts.

The attack was reportedly prompted by a since-deleted Instagram post in which Teejay shared a picture of Lil Baby's driver's license along with the claim that he was "bouta be rich" once he got his hands on Baby's bank information.

"Got @lilbaby_1 SSN & ID I'm bouta be rich when I get that bank log 🤫," he wrote.

As the video started to make rounds on social media, Teejay denied any involvement alongside a slow-mo replay of the victim. "Clearly not me bro y’all taking it too far," he suggested.

He added in a follow-up comment, "Why wasn’t I wearing my chains or with my security or manager? Makes no sense."

Nevertheless, some followers applauded the subject's speed. "Usainx6," commented Cash MoneyAP.

Teejay, who's originally from Detroit, also hopped on IG Live to sarcastically address the alleged incident and show off a non-existent black eye.

"I don't know how I got to Detroit so fast," he said. "Wasn't that video today, bro?"

If you're unfamiliar with the rising subgenre of "scam rap," it's a form of hip-hop popularized by Guapdad4000 and Teejayx6 that highlights various internet tactics used to scam people out of money and personal information.

On "Dark Web," Teejay boils things down to a few lines: "I downloaded Tor Browser, then got back in / Went and got a VPN, just bought another BIN / I'ma keep searching these bitches on my site 'til I can slide a Benz."