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Yo! Welcome to Daquan.tv, a branch of the popular Daquan meme channel, curating the latest music, entertainment, style, and sports news influencing internet culture.

With followers like Drake, The Rock, Virgil Abloh, Kevin Durant, and tens of millions of others across Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and more, Daquan has become one of the funniest and most culturally relevant brands on the planet over the past half-decade. If it's trending, it's Daquan.

But you may not know that Daquan has a legit news site and daily newsletter that dives deeper into the stories, celebrities, and brands you actually want to hear about. What are the hottest streetwear pieces coming from the likes of Travis Scott and others? Who's dominating the NBA on a nightly basis? How is The Weeknd approaching his next album? There's a little something for everyone.

Not only does Daquan distribute news, but nearly all of the articles involve the conversation happening on social media (memes) and what fans are saying, 'cause without y'all, none of this stuff would even really matter!

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